and Descriptions 

Yoga Classes

All of our classes are designed from a beginner to an expert.  There are lots of options for modifications to make a pose easier or more difficult.  The style that is taught is Vinyasa Flow.  In our classes I tend to hold poses a bit longer to make any adjustments, but also finding time to move and flow the body. This is a hour class complete with final relaxation and hot stones. Please wear comfortable clothing.  Preregistration for classes is required.All ages and body types welcome.

Pilates Classes


Looking to strengthen your core?  This is the place for you.   We work everything from the top to the bottom.  Pilates is not just crunches and planks, but we do those too.  Its also great for the legs, hips, glutes, arms shoulders, chest, and neck!!  This is an intense 45 minute  workout!  There are always modifications to make it easier or more difficult. Please wear comfortable clothing.  Preregistration for classes is required. All ages and body types are welcome!

Thai Massage

Thai Massage is quite a bit different then a Traditional Massage.  For starters you are completely dressed-  you should wear relaxed clothing. ( yoga pants, sweat pants ect.)  You will be lying comfortably on a Thai Mat - which resembles a futon.   I will then go through a series of stretches to help stretch and relax you.  I also do some traction and trigger point work. Traction is when I give a nice tug to an arm or leg and hold for a moment.  Trigger point is finding those spots that need a little more work and helping to release them with some pressure.  Thai massage is also referred to as Lazy Mans Yoga- because you relax while I put you into yoga like positions.  I work the whole body from your toes to the top of your head.  When the massage is over you should feel relax, and rejuvenated. 

Reiki Treatment

Reiki is also known as hands on healing.  Its great for relaxation and calming the body.  I gently place my hands on different places on the recipients  body, while universal energy flows through me into the recipient.  The participant should wear comfortable clothing to help them to relax.  This is great for Anxiety, Depression, Active Minds, and all around relaxation. 

Personal Training

Personal Training consists of Yoga, Pilates, Cardio, and more.   With a Personal Training program we work together to decide what it is you want out of the training.  We also decide how to do that together by making goals and working towards them.  We will also decide on how many days a week and get a schedule together- Keeping that schedule is an important part of your training.  

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